Section 3: Eating Close to the Ground

Food has always been at the center of cultural experience, the way we express our connection to the land and to one another. Food nourishes us and gives us life. Local foods express an intimacy with and the “taste” of place. You can’t fake this sense of place—it is an expression of the land that gives rise to the food we eat. Human cultures and the processes of preserving and culturing food are inextricably linked. When we engage in creating, preserving, and fermenting our food in these time-honored ways, we participate in growing a place-based culture that connects us to the living world around us, as well as participating in the evolving history of human habits, traditions, and ceremonies that give life meaning.

This section covers the topics of sourcing local food in the city; preserving food through freezing, drying, canning and fermentation; the health benefits of local homegrown food; and the processes of growing and preserving your own herbal medicine.

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