Section 2: Gardening and Growing

The garden is the holy center of the homestead. It’s an altar to life and death, an improvisational theater of failure and success, moonrise and sunset, and the cycle of the seasons. In a deeply uncertain time, the garden is a sure bet: a timeless, calming place where your lineage as a human being in relation to the earth is affirmed again and again. Getting in touch with the sow-till-harvest cadence of life is the most satisfying act we know. And growing food is central to the path of stepping toward sustainability—it lowers our carbon footprint, grows us great food, and locates us in place, connected to other people and the complex reality of our human needs.

This section covers the enormous topics of organic gardening and where to garden in the city; the regeneration and building of healthy soil; the life of plants from seeds to stem; and strategies for effective and productive garden design in the city. This section ends with a chapter about small animal husbandry in the city—the care and feeding of chickens, rabbits, quail, ducks and goats.

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