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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Barbara where I got to teach at UC Santa Barbara, deliver a keynote speech at a fundraiser for the great, local Santa Barbara Food Bank and their Grown Your Own Way program, as well as teaching at Fairview Gardens, Michael Abelman’s former farm in Goleta, now continuing its suburban farming mission.

I met an interesting woman named Linda Buzzell who is a permaculturist and psychotherapist – one of the only people I’ve met who really shares a lot of my own skill set. She edited a book called “Ecotherapy: Healing with the Earth in Mind” with Craig Chalquist, which I have been reading slowly and savoring. It’s been like finding a whole bunch of brothers and sisters I didn’t know I had — healers who are acutely aware of our environmental condition and the precariousness of this time for humanity. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the connections between healing, deep ecology, grief work, and bringing the work of psychotherapy out of the small quiet clinical room, and into the world.

Linda kindly penned a short review of our book for the Huffington Post. Linked here:

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