Permaculture Principle #12: Creatively Use and Respond To Change

“Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they will be”

The image for this principle is the butterfly, which starts as the humble catepillar.  Change is inevitable.  Through careful observation and knowledge, we can intervene creatvely and have a positive impact on the outcome.  Some change is predictable, such as the changing of the seasons or the stages of growth in a small organization or the way we age.  By studying ourselves and the world around us we can peer into the future and make choices in the present that will influence a good outcome.

This principle can be applied in the planning of your annual garden for crop rotations to work well with the changing seasons.  It requires you to understand the changing seasons of your bioregion–perhaps through prior experience and good note-taking, or by speaking with others who have been gardening in the area longer. It can be applied in the way you site permanent features in your landscape.  You know a tree will grow and with a little research you can predict what it might look like in 10 years.  Use this information to place it  in a way that it will have enough space when mature and not interfere with other features in your design. You know as well that eventually you will age and want to retire–how can you creatively ensure that you will have your needs taken care of at that time? Something like this may seem daunting in today’s economy, but new and creative solutions are being developed all the time.

This principle does not ask you to predict the future, but to study the past and the world around you.

post by K. Ruby Blume

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