Permaculture Principle #4: Self-Regulate; Accept Feedback

Principle #4 Self-Regulate, Accept Feedback

The next installation in Ruby’s meditations on the permaculture principles:
When we notice something isn’t working, we need to adjust to bring systems back into balance. In the garden it might be something as simple as noticing that your plants are getting under-watered and adjusting your watering schedule. If flies and smell are building up in your chicken coop, you may need to tweak the system to make it easier to maintain.

On a personal level, this principle invites us to apply self-criticism as well as to accept critical feedback from others with grace. To sit in the “hot seat” and consider the feedback others give us rather than defend ourselves, is a practice that requires fortitude and strength of character. The experience of making a mistake, being called on it, accepting responsibility and adjusting ones behavior builds a strong personal ecology and sense of self-worth. Conversely learning to give feedback in a manner that supports forward movement is a fine skill to develop.

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Imagine a world in which political leaders and large corporations were able and willing to self-regulate and accept feedback!

For now, we’ll have to work on enhancing this essential and difficult human skill at personal scale,

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