Principle # 6 – Produce No Waste

Permaculture principle #6 Produce No Waste   by Ruby


The Oil Eaters

The Oil Eaters (Photo credit: giveawayboy)


Waste is a concept foreign to nature; everything produced gets eaten, decomposed and reused. The earthworm consumes plant “wastes” turning them into enriched soil. Bacteria hang out on tree leaves protecting them until they fall, at which moment those same leaves become their food.


In the garden we compost everything that is left over, use wood from pruning to stake plants or edge our garden beds or use egg shells as a natural snail control that then becomes available calcium for the plants. The next wave of limiting waste is to prioritize the use of natural compostable materials in other areas of our lives. Building materials such as earth, cob and wood, that can eventually return to the earth,. Clothing fibers like wool and cotton are similarly compostable. Who will be the first to produce a fully bio-degradable computer or mp3 player? That also produces no waste in it’s production? Don’t know where to get biodegradable products?

Here is one cool website for home products:


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