Section 1: Start Where You Are

Across the country, citizens are looking for solutions to the seemingly intractable problems of our time, and evolving new ways to live. Picking up the shovel and the hoe, turning their closets and roofs and backyard decks into places to grow food and their yards into chicken coops, urban farmers are reclaiming heirloom agrarian practices as strategies for artful living. This book tells the story of this grassroots do-it-yourself cultural explosion rooted in the urban earth, a homegrown guild of people generating resilient, local culture in response to the urgency of the moment and a collective awareness of our need to be the change we want to see.

This section includes information about peak oil, climate change, recovery and resiliency, Do-It-Yourself culture, and the grassroots movement of urban homesteaders across the country. It has an in depth discussion of Permaculture as a valuable urban re-design tool, as well as strategies for creating a personal sustainability plan.

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